To the Ladies (and Gentlemen, too)

Is he a “Christian Guy” or a “Man of God”? Is there a difference?

I believe so… I know so. As a matter of fact, there’s a huge difference.


A Christian Guy will say he loves you, but a Man of God will love God more than you.

A Christian Guy will text you meaningful Bible verses, send you inspirational quotes on Facebook, or have a tattoo of scripture or a cross, but Man of God will live out those verses and have them written on his heart.

A Christian Guy may attend church, but a Man of God will see it as his highest calling to serve Christ and give Him glory.

A Christian Guy may accidentally-on-purpose compromise your virtue as a lady, but a Man of God will protect it above all else.

A Christian Guy may be really attractive and say all the right things, but a Man of God will have a beautiful heart regardless of his appearance.

A Christian Guy may talk to several ladies at the same time, but a Man of God is faithful and will cherish and respect you.

A Christian Guy may take you out, but a Man of God will hold you up in his prayers.

So, don’t just settle for a random “Christian Guy.”

And long to be the Woman of God, after God’s own heart, who will attract a Man of God… the one God created just for you.